UX Design helps in improving consumer loyalty and dependability by enhancing the ease of use, usability and strengthens communication between the customer and the product. UX Design is the crucial step in guaranteeing the product gives an incredible interface, with consistent communication and a coherent stream for clients to connect effectively.

At DECIMAL CS, our team is expertly gifted in creating interface and interactive designs for a wide range of associations, organizations and purposes, and has an abundance of involvement in dealing with the exceptional contemplations and stipulations of a scope of stages and devices.

Our UX team is experienced in building intuitive prototypes that exemplifies the interface of the pages and associations in your website or application. Our high-quality prototype allows us to outline, authorize and emphasize the user interface design.

At DECIMAL CS we provide:

  • Visual Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Interactive design
  • Optimizing Customer Needs

Take the human experience forward with the best UI/UX development company

Decimal understands the significance of smart design in digital success. Our people-first, appealing, and pleasurable designs meet the requirements of current corporations and industries.

We offer full UI/UX services, such as branding, responsive site design, mobile app design, user experience consulting, and promotional graphics, by using the latest tools and techniques.

We produce responsive and adaptive designs with consistent cross-platform compatibility using a unique blend of modern technologies and new ideas. We are known in the design world for our creativity and hands-on knowledge of all aspects of UI/UX. We have been doing this for more than 20 years.

We understand what it takes to establish a brand from a design standpoint and how to do so with modern technologies and methods of thinking. We help our customers succeed by making simple designs that stick in the minds of users and make them more aware of and loyal to the brand.

Our UI/UX design services & solutions at a glance

End-to-End UI/UX design services solutions

Our long-standing design team can help any idea come to life with the latest tools and technology, from simple event apps to scalable business software for Fortune 500 firms. Our standard procedure and approach to design will make sure that the final product looks and works the way it should.

High professional standards

We developed a set of guidelines for every designer to follow in order to assure high quality and timely delivery of your product. We employ design processes, conduct thorough design reviews, re-use the most effective methods and technologies, and regularly mentor our designers. As a result, you have a skilled and well-organized crew that knows exactly what to do.

Expertise that stands out

Our design team has produced a variety of apps and software solutions for a wide range of businesses. You may rely on their comprehensive root cause analysis, knowledge of interface architecture and animation design, in-depth post-analysis, and more. You will get a polished final product that looks great and is easy to use on all platforms.

Our UI/UX design and development services

Mobile app UI/UX design

When someone visits a mobile app, the first thing they see is the design. Even if your product performs well, you may not keep the majority of your users. This is determined by the design of your app. Our UX developers make the apps responsive so they can work on a wide range of devices and reach as many people as possible.

We build designs for all platforms, whether they are iOS, Android, or a mix. Our team of UI/UX designers adheres to Apple and Google design principles to build individual interface designs for each client. Our mission is to create products that meet the needs of businesses while also satisfying the needs of customers.

Web UI/UX design and development

Web apps require extra attention because they operate over the internet. You should build your web application to be consistent and mobile-friendly, and you should ensure that the server does not run slowly. We use JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, and other cutting-edge technologies to make new, high-performance websites that work on all platforms.

Cross-platform compatibility is critical for developing one-of-a-kind, high-performance websites. Our data-driven UX and UI designers will assist you in creating user-friendly websites. As stunning design features captivate users and provide you with a competitive advantage, they help your business flourish.

Information architecture planning

Planning an information architecture entails logically structuring a system’s information so that users find it intuitive, consistent, and user-friendly. Our UX experts design the system so that users can easily navigate it and find what they’re looking for.

Interactive and responsive design

The interfaces allow users to communicate with your systems. We have professionals who have considerable expertise in detecting such interactions and leading the system’s design, ensuring that it meets user expectations while also meeting your business goals.

Wireframes and prototypes

We use wireframes to ensure that your UX/UI design is flawless and that the development process runs smoothly. During the planning and development of your website, we make interactive prototypes to make sure that the design and functionality are smooth and easy to use.

Graphics design

Consider how a system appears and feels, as well as the general roadmap design and information architecture. Graphics are the visual parts of a design system like color, contrast, styles, typefaces, images, navigation, and movement.

Attracting and retaining visitors to websites is critical to increasing conversion rates. Our UX professionals produce graphics while adhering to the customer’s branding rules.

Frontend development

The process of turning a design into a working system is known as “front-end development.” Our front-end developers use coding technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and industry standards. We use our years of experience to make sure that the system meets the needs outlined in the information architect and roadmaps.

UX/UI research and analysis

Decimal’s objective is to create outstanding experiences for our clients, and in order to do so, numerous aspects of user interface design are explored and analyzed. We reach our design goals by, among other things, getting feedback from users, analyzing our audience, and doing online surveys.

Human factor evaluation

Decimal ensures that your website is user-friendly, which is why we employ human factor analysis to identify what adjustments should be made. Our team of UI and UX designers and developers looks at things like icon size, sound, color palette, and more to get the best results.

User experience evaluation

Decimal ensures that your users receive nothing less than an awe-inspiring user experience. As a result, we do a thorough examination of the elements influencing how your website and app are perceived graphically by your consumers.

Benefits of UI/UX design services

Many individuals place emphasis on how to tackle technological issues when designing mobile apps. The same is true for UI/UX design, without which your mobile app would never realize its full potential. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in UX/UI Design.

Customer loyalty improvements

Users are drawn to apps with beautiful looks, and they may view videos and pictures of the app before downloading it. When an app’s design appeals to a user’s senses, they will download it. If the software is downloaded, but the design is confusing to first-time users, it will be deleted immediately.

Customer retention

You can get more appealing versions of your software from professional technology suppliers like Decimal, who will also add functions and make design improvements. You may enhance app usage by making these design changes. This will increase client loyalty to your app. In this way, you reach your main goal of making your mobile app a selling point and a way to strengthen your brand.

Increased ROI

The predicted return from the development of a model is how it is calculated as an investment. Given Decimal’s broad reach, the company places a premium on the quality of its software. As a result, your investment will yield huge profits. When first-time app users are delighted with its functionality, your investment is well worth it.

High productivity

The efficacy of your design determines the success of your firm. App development for internal users might be more precise if the app will be used by company personnel. On the other hand, a bad design will lead to low productivity and frustration, which will seriously hurt the software solution.

Increased user engagement

This is true for mobile apps that help users’ lives, as well as for improved UI/UX design, which enhances user engagement. With Decimal, you will acquire outstanding design methods that will significantly increase user engagement and retention.

Our user experience design and user interface design services

Our designs provide online solutions that shift viewpoints by combining clever techniques and technologies.

Research & analysis

Designing an experience that delights the user entails profoundly engaging all of our senses. Through comprehensive research and implementation of the most recent trends, we have always been inventive and technologically sophisticated. Our high-end designs alter businesses in addition to increasing user engagement and conversions.


Based on the data and insights we obtain, we map our study findings onto a paper canvas for greater clarity and understanding. Using a wireframe, you can see exactly where everything is on a website.

Design time

Moving into the real design can be difficult if the wireframes or research are not sufficiently supported. But remain calm. You’re in capable hands. We will ensure that the perfect design is made for you with the utmost attention to detail and precision at every step.

Ensuring usability

Our apps must meet the requirements of so-called “ideal applications.” We test the site’s usability to the core to ensure that users can engage with it effortlessly and with friendliness. With our solutions, we will not let you down.

Code customization

We will begin coding as soon as we have the customer’s approval. When it comes to designing websites or mobile apps, we have our developers under control. Their code has been perfected, and they will undoubtedly release a bug-free version. A powerful user interface and significant research ensure that you will never run into an issue.

Extensive testing

Our solution is thoroughly tested before it is made available to users. A properly designed product should never fail. Also, we make sure that the solution is responsive, optimized, and can be used on all devices in the places where it is put.

Maintenance and assistance

We are in charge of the design, as well as site maintenance, updates, and installation assistance. We also provide post-service assistance to help you keep your website or app in complete functional mode.

Why choose Decimal UI/UX consulting services?

Whether you are a start-up or a major enterprise, Decimal can offer you a solution based on your individual needs. Be it a great engaging app or an appealing website, our user interface services can get you the best result. Reach out to our UI/UX consulting services and discover how we equip your business with the arsenal it needs to excel in today’s highly competitive world.

App User Interface Design

Our customers want custom-designed mobile apps. Decimal provides expert mobile app development services. Our App UI team takes pride in creating high-quality designs for apps that are simple to use and have good performance indicators.

Usability test

As part of the software development process, we ensure that the product is thoroughly tested for usability. Decimal spent extra time testing the usability of the mobile app as a new user would experience it to ensure the most proactive design development service is offered.

Interface design

When developing a mobile app, design and performance are important factors to consider. If either of the two pieces is compromised, the mobile app will not function properly. As part of our collaboration, the Decimal team will perfect the design interface so that it is simple to use and trendy, ensuring our clients have the best experience possible.

Committed timely deliveries

The young business enthusiasts of this age seek solutions that are quick and easy to implement! We streamline our operations to meet your needs in order to serve you quickly. Depending on how complicated your project is, you can usually get a great website in a few weeks or even days.

In-house expert teams

Despite our long history of designing successful websites, we keep our teams agile to deliver the best results. Your project will be given a Project Manager and a Lead Designer. They will be joined by a junior web designer, a usability specialist, and a group of programmers.

We execute what we commit

We operate as a team in the website design and development process, from administrators to junior developers. Each project completion deadline must be completed efficiently and on schedule for us. We will make each conversion significant by immersing you in a profound experience.

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