DECIMAL CS helps in developing end-to-end mobile applications across different mobile platforms and offers to deliver mobile apps with high efficiency at reduced cost. Our expert team offers a complete range of services from business counseling to versatile based business arrangements, mobile technology services and mobility solutions. Meteorite’s mobility team excels in providing innovative solutions for the mobile apps based on your requirements.

Our service include:

  • Responsive design
  • Android Application Development
  • Windows phone Application Development
  • Blackberry Application Development
  • Smartphone applications
  • Iphone Application Development
  • Ipad Application Development

Augment your customer experience through powerful & cutting-edge mobile apps and enhance your business

Partner with Decimal – the best mobile app development company in India

We all know that, in this age of digital transformation, technology is constantly improving. By automating business operations, we make it easier for organizations to move through this complex and ever-changing environment.

Decimal, a prominent web, and mobile app development company, provides one-stop digital solutions for the iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (phone and tablet) platforms.

We are here to assist you in developing customer-centric solutions, whether you are looking for an automated procedure to boost employee engagement or to make your services more accessible to active users. We focus on custom mobile app development, which means that each app is made to fit the needs and interests of the people who will use it.

Why is the mobile app development process necessary for business growth?

Improve accessibility

Furthermore, mobile apps aid in increasing business accessibility. It also makes it easier for firms to build strong customer relationships, allowing for strong client loyalty and a true consumer base. Mobile apps give users access to the products, information, services, and processes they need in real-time.

It also allows the company to send notifications about changes in products and services or something new. The apps perform basic operations even while not connected to the internet. As a result, these apps successfully boost workplace accessibility.

Quick access to customer information

You may gain quick and easy access to consumer data with mobile apps. In the app’s review section, businesses can also look for ways to improve, check the quality of their products and services, and so on.

Mobile marketing

With their user-friendly and simple support, mobile apps let businesses market on the go. An app with a variety of functions provides organizations with unique value propositions.

Boost customer engagement

Mobile apps help brands create a direct marketing channel between them and their customers, allowing for an effective and direct connection. You can send in-app and push notifications to as many clients as you want with an app. The notifications give clients important and useful information, which makes them more likely to stick with your company.

Payment integration

Mobile apps have diverse features that correspond to various sectors. For instance, if you work in the service industry, such as healthcare, spa, or salon, your app would be ideal for your target customers to book an appointment.

Nowadays, mobile payment is the preferred method of payment. Businesses can include payment options in their app so that customers can pay with direct debit or credit card. These payment platforms are quick, easy to use, and secure.

Brand promotion

When a company’s ultimate goal is to be at the top, brand awareness is critical. Companies may swiftly give great services to their clients by establishing a mobile app.

Mobile apps assist in informing administrators about users’ interest in various offers and products. Furthermore, it aids management committees in planning future user and individualized brand loyalty programs.

Think custom mobile app as a business partner, not an app

Once you get in touch with Decimal, a reputable iOS, and Android application development company, you can expect to design mobile applications of any complexity with the specific needs of your organization getting fulfilled.

iOS/iPhone App Development

We can help you take advantage of our bespoke iPhone app development services. This includes everything from smooth API integration to creating unmatched reality experiences with solutions that fit the needs of your Apple target audience.

Android App Development

As an android app development company, Decimal has a profound reputation and expertise in developing Android apps. We can help you design native Android custom mobile app development based on the needs of your business and the wants of your customers by using our deep and customized experience.

Xamarin App Development

Decimal, a reputable mobile app development business, specializes in creating Xamarin cross-platform apps because of its unrivaled skill in C# development, superior understanding of the mobile app lifecycle, and hands-on user experience creation.

React Native App Development

As a rising cross-platform mobile app development technology, we provide user-centric React Native bespoke mobile app development for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Custom mobile app development

Over the course of our years of experience, we have built out-of-the-box and user-centric custom mobile app development solutions that assist our clients in scaling their businesses based on their current and future needs. As a result, we ensure that you choose what is best for your organization in the short and long term based on our knowledge.

Hybrid mobile app development

Hybrid apps utilize the potential of mobility and cross-platform compatibility to maximize the project’s installation base while decreasing its overall cost. Decimal uses hybrid technologies like React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and others to make mobile apps that can be used on different platforms.

Mobile app development for e-commerce

We offer mobile e-commerce applications with new features to help your company improve the purchasing experience for your users across a range of mobile application development platforms with better security and customization.

Mobile application integration and testing

In our top mobile app development firm, we provide integration services for features such as payment gateways, integrating backend processes to provide seamless, end-to-end navigation, API integration, and technology to improve the present functionality and security of your mobile apps. We also undergo extensive (manual/automated) testing to assure the quality and functionality of our software.

Enterprise mobile app development

We specialize in offering complete enterprise solutions. We provide high-performance apps that are fully integrated and oriented toward your customers. Our reputation as a top enterprise iOS and Android app development firm has solidified our dedication to our client’s success on a global and local scale.

Wearable app development

We create apps for any device, including iWatch apps, Android Wear apps, and Google Glass apps. We have developed a number of wearable applications based on the demands of the business.

Flutter App Development

We have a ready competency to work with Flutter, the latest cross-platform technology that has already taken the development world by storm with sensational technical features such as the Ahead of Time compile technique, inbuilt UI elements such as widgets for Android and iOS, and Hot Reload, to name a few.

Mobile app development consulting services

As a reputable app-making company, we provide mobile consulting services to assist you in rapidly scaling up your team, transitioning to an agile development methodology and redefining your time-to-market to fulfill your mobility goals. Whether it is a new mobile app development or the maintenance, support, and enhancement of a current mobile app, we are on it.

What sets Decimal apart from its competitors

We want to include cutting-edge technologies as value adds to make your mobile app more engaging for end consumers. Here are some of the specialized technical elements that we implement into custom mobile app development based on business needs:

Internet of Things (IoT)

We aspire to provide mobile-enabled IoT solutions to boost mobile app utilization, such as real-time tracking, networked home solutions, video monitoring, and much more.

Geolocation Tracking

Our skilled mobile app developers use GPS technology to enhance mobile apps with real-time tracking features, geotargeting, geofencing, geotagging, geo-conquesting, and location-recognition in-app interactions.

Augmented Reality (AR)

We have a rich and entertaining AR-enabled smartphone app development experience. We develop AR-enabled apps by integrating digital data and real-world projections.

Wearable Technology

We excelled at designing and developing mobility solutions for wearable devices equipped with very intuitive sensors and demonstrations.

Location Recognition Capabilities

We have specialized in integrating location recognition skills with forward-thinking and cutting-edge technologies such as Near-field communication protocols, Bluetooth low-energy beacons, and Wi-Fi standards for a better in-premise experience under an indoor positioning system.

Biometric Sensors

We employ biometric sensor technology to integrate fingerprint scanning, voice and facial recognition, and other biometrics capabilities into your mobile applications for more accurate and increased security user substantiation.

Decimal’s Custom App Development Services

Our mobile app design and development solution includes everything you need to create a growth-focused and scalable application for your business.

App Design

Immersive and contemporary application designs complement your offerings and provide a pleasant navigation experience.

Application Development

Custom app creation that is scalable and futuristic to assist you in implementing complex business logic and digitizing your offerings.

Updates & Bug Fixes

Application updates on a regular basis to maintain strong functioning and run-time and bug fixes to ensure a seamless experience for your users.

App Release

Easy app store submission will keep your team from struggling with compliance issues and security rules.

Post-Launch Assistance

We assist you in getting back on track with app maintenance by providing post-launch support to address issues that arise after your app goes live.

App Transfer

Migrate your app to a modern and resilient technology stack to improve user experience and application functionality.

Multi-platform App Deployment

To make your application more accessible, integrate it across all Apple devices where people may access your services.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Requirement Analysis

Our business development professionals conduct extensive market research on your original requirements to identify industry trends and the scope of expansion, and then construct a project development strategy to help you accomplish your business objectives.

App Design

Decimal creates a one-of-a-kind and engaging design that complements your branding and allows your users to simply navigate through your business application.

Application Development

Our team follows an agile methodology. Following design approval, our development team will build the solution from the ground up to incorporate complicated business logic.

Testing and Debugging

Following the conclusion of each development module, our software development business conducts rigorous tests to verify that the program functions smoothly and without errors.

App Deployment

Once the app is complete, we will perform final tests and publish it to the app store so that our development team can handle any last-minute compliance issues.

Application Maintenance

Decimal strives to form long-term relationships. Even after the project is completed successfully, we will continue to assist you in maintaining your app in the long run.

Challenges we solve at Decimal

Our bespoke app development services assist organizations in overcoming some of the most significant app-related issues.

Compatibility Across Devices

Reliable and simple-to-use program for all operating systems to ensure convenience and greater conversion rates.

Performance and memory constraints

Modern memory management strategies are used throughout bespoke app creation to improve efficiency without taking up too much space.

High Performance & Efficiency

The lightweight and scalable framework for custom app development allow you to break through significant performance bottlenecks and stay ahead of the competition.

Battery Utilization

We develop applications with great performance yet low battery usage.

Decimal is regarded as the top mobile app development agency. We provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions for iPhone, iPad, and Android applications, as well as hybrid and native mobile applications.

Our certified mobile app development experts will advise you on the greatest and most innovative mobile apps for free.

Highly skilled developers

When you hire us, you can rest assured that you will only be working with the best and most skilled mobile app developers.

Appealing & responsive app design

Our mobile apps are smart, responsive, readily navigable, visually appealing, and feature a user experience that is easy to use. We design and build comprehensive mobile applications.

High-quality mobile applications

We do not believe in sacrificing quality. Our mobile apps go through extensive testing to guarantee that any faults are eradicated.

Easily accessible apps

At Decimal, we create applications that are easy to use, adaptable, and convenient.

Customized mobile apps

We create highly specialized and customized mobile applications based on the needs of your business. Data sources from a variety of sources can be readily integrated into our programs.

Hand-holding strategy

You may always rely on the Decimal team for guidance, assistance, and support. Our skilled staff will give you the necessary guidance to ensure your success.

Constant assistance

When technical assistance is required, our support and maintenance team is available.

Let’s build a mobile app that can transform your business.

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